Can Swimming Give You Abs?

can swimming give you abs

The butterfly stroke is an excellent swim exercise to sculpt your abs. The swimming stroke works the lower abs and is great for your waist and hips. Unlike other exercises, swimming works your entire core. When combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, swimming can lead to great results. And, as a bonus, it helps burn extra calories. So, swimming is the perfect way to get your abs.

However, swimming alone won’t give you abs. You will only get abs when you are at a lower body fat percentage when your abs won’t be hidden with layers of body fat. Overall what you want to be doing is losing weight while at the same time adding some strength to your core muscles and give them a reason to grow and bulge.

A proper diet is very important thing to remember when you’re looking to develop your abs. A good diet will help you build muscle, reduce body fat, and develop an excellent six-pack. Apart from eating a healthy diet and regular swimming sessions, another important factor is the frequency of the swim workout.

In addition to losing weight, swimming will also help tone your figure. So, it’s worth a try!

All types of swimming will benefit your abs. The front crawl will strengthen your waistline. The backstroke will sculpt your glutes and your obliques, but the butterfly is the best for your abs. Or if you prefer drills, the leg kicks are also a great workout, with the dolphin kick as another alternative as well.