Does Swimming Burn Belly Fat?

does swimming burn belly fat

Do you wonder whether swimming burns belly fat? It is a great exercise because it uses many different muscles. A typical swim workout involves treading water fast and forcefully. This strengthens your abs by forcing water resistance against your body. It can also help you lose weight in other ways, as swimming can burn excess calories in your body.

Ultimately however, it all comes down to whether you are eating excess amount of calories or under your maintenance levels.

Although swimming can burn the total body fat, the best combination is a good dietary plan with swimming sessions. By reducing your total body fat percentage, you’ll see a difference in your waistline and other areas of your body. To see if swimming is right for you, start swimming for at least an hour each day. Then, make it a habit. If it works for you, it can help you lose weight quickly.

If you expend more calories than what you eat, swimming can help you eventually lose your belly fat, but swimming alone does not specifically target your abs and belly fat. In fact, you can’t target a specific area to burn fat. All you can do is just lower your overall body fat level with a good diet and exercise.

It may look like you are burning fat around the specific body part area you are training, but swimming will also add a bit of lean mass and muscle, making so it will appear as if though you are burning fat around the arms, abs, and back because you will have more muscle.

Identify your body parts by watching which strokes you struggle with and focus on them more. During your first sessions, you may want to focus on your weaker parts. With practice, you’ll be able to do the most difficult ones in no time.

There are certain strokes that work your abs especially well such as butterfly stroke and underwater dolphin kicks. To get the most out of your workout, try to swim three times a week for six to eight weeks. Then, gradually add more workouts. You should see noticeable improvements after these sessions. It’s never too late to get started.

You can even swim casually if you have a warm-up and cool-down. As with any exercise, it’s important to complement your swim with fun activities to keep your motivation high. You should also take a few minutes to enjoy the water and have fun while working out.