Does swimming Cause Hair Loss?


Chlorine is a known ingredient in swimming pools. While it does not cause hair loss per se, it does dry out hair and make it brittle. Over time, the cumulative effect of chlorine exposure increases.

Some swimmers have even lost patches of hair. This condition is easily preventable, however, by thoroughly rinsing your head with fresh water after each swim.

In addition, you should always wear a swimmer cap when swimming.

Chlorine reacts with the protective oils on your hair and dries them out. This causes your cuticle to become exposed, making your hair prone to sun damage. The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down the keratin in your hair, causing it to become green. This discoloration may make it harder to maintain a color-treated head of your hair.

So while swimming has been linked to hair damage, recent studies have proved otherwise. Researchers from the University of Michigan recently published a study that debunked this myth.

They examined the hair of professional swimmers and non-swimmers, and found that both groups suffered from thinning or brittle hair after frequent exposure to chlorine. This study concluded that the exposure to chlorine was not responsible for causing hair loss, as previously thought.