Does Swimming Make You Taller?

Some people say basketball, swimming, etc make you taller. However, what is the actual truth behind it?

Yes, swimming can make you taller. However, it’s not in a way that you might think.

No. It is generally a myth that swimming can make you taller. Any stretching out that might happen as you swim is only temporary and won’t be a noticeable change or make a difference in swimming speed.” is the answers from A3 Performance, but don’t lose hope because here’s why swimming can in fact make you “taller”.

Swimming Can Make You Taller If You Are Still Young

If you are still under the age of 20, or especially before puberty, you can grow taller with the help from swimming.

Swimming decompresses your spine and stretches your muscles and ligaments. This allows more room for your body to grow and in a way you are maximizing your height potential.

Just make sure to eat enough proteins rich with amino acids and healthy foods in addition to good sleep during your puberty years. If you have a clean diet with consistent swimming exercise you will end up taller than you would be without it.

Swimming Improves Your Posture

If you have an office job, then you could benefit from swimming significantly.

As we get older we lose a bit of height due poor posture, bad sleeping habit, and poor diet.

Once you start swimming, you will have more appetite, be more thirsty, and tired from full body work-out required of swimming which will result in better sleep. Just make sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.

You can stretch and do yoga to get even more improvement in your posture.

You can gain 2-3cm, 1 inch just from standing straight with a good posture. While you aren’t necessarily adding actual height, you perceived height will increase as your body becomes slimmer as well.

You Could Retain More Morning Height

From my personal experience, when I am regularly swimming, I do feel slightly taller and measure a bit taller.

The spine and ligaments have soft cartilage which decompresses throughout the day, but with the help of swimming they will be stretched and allow for faster exchange of nutrients and fluids.

So if you drink good amount of water and take some Glucosamine which helps with joint health, you could end up retaining close to 1cm of morning height.

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