Why do I feel sleepy after swimming

Why do I feel sleepy after swimming?  One common cause is dehydration. When you’re swimming, your core temperature will be lower than it is during normal body temperature. This will cause your body to begin warming up, which will make you sleepy.

If you’re not drinking enough water during your swim, you might feel groggy for hours afterwards. Since swimming uses all major muscle groups, it can be a very exhausting workout. When people swim in the heat, their body gets overheated and begins to metabolize more rapidly. This process can leave you feeling drowsy. Then, you may have over-exercised your muscles and lost vitality. If you’re already dehydrated, you’ll feel exhausted after your swim.

Another cause of post-swimming sleepiness is water temperature.  your body is still working. Cold water causes the body to lose heat very quickly.

You’ll need to re-heat yourself after the swim, and this will make you tired.  Water is a heat conductive material, so it transfers heat from warmer to colder surfaces. This means you’ll feel tired soon after finishing your swim.

Even if you’re not in the sun, swimming can be tiring. . Warm water causes your body to burn more calories to warm itself up.

In fact, you can become tired after swimming in both warm and cold water. It is not uncommon to feel sleepy after swimming in both hot and cold water, but it can occur for a variety of reasons. If you’re not in the habit of drinking enough, you should try to rest in the shade if you can.


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