How much weight can i lose swimming 5 days a week?

Swimming is a great way to lose weight.

While you can’t target specific areas of the body to burn fat such as belly fat, you can lose a great amount of weight and look slimmer and even look a bit taller.

If you are planning on swimming 5 days a week, here is a breakdown of a healthy amount of weight that you can lose every week. You have stay disciplined and consistent with your training and your diet.

Assuming you stick with your dietary and exercise plan, you can lose a pound a week or even 2 pounds a week if you are very aggressive with your weight goals. Anything more than that would be considered moreso unhealthy and need to be tracked by professionals in a safe environment.

How Many Calories The Average Person Needs

The average woman needs about 1800-2000 calories every day to maintain their current weight, assuming you are not active and live a sedentary lifestyle.

The average man needs about 2000-2200 calories every day to maintain their current weight, assuming you are not living an active lifestyle.

The important thing is to eat less than the amount of energy you expend on an average day.

Try My Fitness Pal, to get an accurate measurement of how much you eat on an average day, but the numbers above are an average estimate.

You want expend 500-700 calories more than what you eat in a typical day if you want to consistently lose weight every week.

How Much Calories Does Swimming 5 Days A Week Burn?

You can expect to burn 200-300 calories every 30 minutes of casual swimming according to US Masters Swimming. So assuming you swim for about an hour casually, you can expect to burn 400-600 calories every swim session.

This is actual swimming, where you are training and doing laps. If you are just laying around the water and relaxing, you won’t actually burn any calories, so make sure to actually swim and train.

So if you swim 5 times a week for a total of 5 hours, you are looking at 2000-3000 calories burned. Depending on your starting weight, height, and intensity, you could burn more calories or less calories, that depends mostly on the individual.

How Much Weight You Can Lose Swimming 5 Times A Week

Taking all the calculation into account…

Assuming you eat maintenance calories of around 2000 calories every day, you can expect to lose 0.5 a pound to 0.9 pound every week.

3500 calories is equal a pound of fat hence: 2000/3500 = 0.5 pounds and 3000/3500 is almost 0.9 pounds.

If you eat healthier foods and eat a bit less than what you would eat on a typical day, you can make get it to a pound or 2 a week. However, don’t starve yourself and restrict yourself. You may end up losing muscle and actually mentally worse. It’s very simple simple to do. If you drink coffee, eat cookies, or snack, try cutting it out from your diet and you’d be amazed how much weight you could lose with a simple change in habit.

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