How often should I swim for a good workout?

For a general swimming workout, the general recommendation is three to five times a week, for at least 20 minutes each. You can increase your swimming time over time by increasing the intensity and number of laps. As a beginner, You should try to swim as fast as you can for about twenty minutes each time.

As you gain experience, you can gradually increase the time that you spend swimming, while increasing the amount of rest between each session. So, Ideally, you should aim to swim for about an hour a week.

The distance swum is also an important factor in determining how often you should swim. When swimming, aim for a workout that involves swimming laps at a moderate pace. You can also alternate swimming with cross-training, which is a good way to get a workout.

There are also swimming techniques such as the butterfly stroke, to help with your swimming exercises. Once you’ve reached at a intermediate level, you can work up to completing 30 minutes of laps in one session. Advanced swimmers can complete 60 laps in an hour and more, but they shouldn’t exceed two hours.

There is no standard amount of laps that constitute a good swim workout but this is a good start.

Just like in the same way as you would go running in a long distance with laps, swimming for a good workout also requires rest after each training exercise. The key is to get into the consistency of swimming. Even if you’re new to swimming, you should aim to do at least one or two laps a day.