Is swimming good for asthma?

A Cochrane review of asthma treatments found that swimming can be good for those suffering from asthma. The study found that swimmers had short-term fitness gains. It also showed that the activity was well tolerated by those with asthma.

The researchers could not say, however, whether swimming was safer for people with asthma than other types of physical activity. But they do show that it can be a great way to enjoy the water without aggravating the symptoms. These studies have been conducted in both indoor and outdoor pools.

Moreover, these benefits can still occur when the air is chlorinated. So, if you have asthma, don’t let it limit you from enjoying the sport!

Children with asthma should consult with their doctor before swimming or engage in strenuous exercise. For instance, some physicians recommend pre-treatment of asthma with a medication prior to participating in any form of swimming exercise.

It is essential to have a quick-relief inhaler handy when you take your child to the pool. This will help you deal with the symptoms of asthma while they are under water.

The warm, humid air around a swimming pool helps reduce the severity of asthma attacks. A swimming class is also a type of therapy that is beneficial for those with asthma.

In addition to improving heart health, it helps lower the incidence of fatigue and increases energy levels. It also protects against respiratory illnesses. It is best to start small and slowly work your way up to a higher level.

You can also try a swim instructor if you are unsure whether you’re ready to commit to a long-term program.