Is swimming good for the elderly?

As the age of a person increases, the question is “is swimming good for the elderly?”


And the resounding answer is Yes.

One reason is that people who age have a decreased ability to maintain balance. Thus it is an important consideration as the movement does not place a high amount of strain on the joints which is the leading cause to chronic pains like arthritis.


Furthermore, water is also a very effective means of relieving stress, lifting mood, and improve mental health. Whether this activity is good for the elderly or not depends on their overall health and fitness levels throughout their life.

Elderly swimmers who suffer from chronic pains such as muscle, nerve or inflammatory pains are one group that can feel relief their pains by swimming actively.

The elderly often feel limited in their daily lives by their pain and have difficulty engaging in physical activities they once enjoyed in their younger years. In this case, for those with chronic pain, such as  arthritis, swimming is beneficial in which it helps soothe their joint pains while doing of swimming exercises.

In addition to improving physical fitness It is a much safer sport than other traditional ones. This is a very important factor for people in their golden years as falls are one of the top causes of accidents among older people.

No one can trip, fall, or crash into anything while they are in water which makes it a much safer activity than other traditional sports.

There is a social aspect of swimming that is also beneficial for older adults. It helps them to meet new people,  and swim with loved ones as socializing is also beneficial for their overall mental health.