The best swimming stroke for weight loss

Best swimming stroke for weight loss

The butterfly is considered the best swimming stroke for weight loss. It burns 774 calories per hour in a 155-pound person. But it is a difficult stroke to master. It requires a strong upper body and powerful legs, and it can be difficult to kick your feet in the water properly. To improve your technique, consider hiring a professional coach. This way, you can enjoy the many health benefits of swimming while losing weight.

Butterfly can burn heavy calories and keep the body toned. However, it can limit the pace of a swimmer at the beginning. It is important to know that you can’t use this stroke indefinitely because of the load and strain on your shoulder, but you can choose a different one if you’re not comfortable with it.


Another popular swimming stroke is the sidestroke. This is a basic stroke that requires lying sideways in the water. You kick your legs forward and alternately move your arms backward. The sidestroke position ensures that the muscles on both sides of your body are equally developed. It’s also a less strenuous stroke and allows you to burn more calories. This type of swimming helps you lose fat and improve your body composition.


Freestyle is the most basic swimming stroke. It involves alternating back and forth kicking and pulling movements with the arms. By doing this, you’ll strengthen your muscles on both sides of your body and reduce the amount of fat in your body. It’s also a great choice for weight loss since it helps burn a lot calories per hour. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get into shape.

Which To Choose?

The best swimming stroke for weight loss is a personal preference. If you’re looking to lose weight, choose a stroke that you enjoy. When you’re at your happiest, you’ll be more likely to do your exercise regularly. In addition to being more active and losing extra pounds, the best swimming stroke for weight loss is one that increases your metabolism.