why do you get dehydrated when swimming?

Swimmers are not immune to the negative effects of dehydration. Some of the reasons are general to other sports, but swimming is especially susceptible to the effects. One of the main reasons for dehydration is the amount of fluid lost through sweating.

This is especially problematic for competitive swimmers because it can drastically reduce their performance. If you are wondering why you get thirsty while swimming, there are a few possible answers.

If the body does not receive enough water during exercise, this will lead to dehydration, even if you’re in water. It will not feel comfortable to swim unless you are properly hydrated.

However, if you are not taking sufficient amounts of water, the problem can also be worsened by the lack of sweat. It can be difficult to recognize when you are dehydrated even if you are swimming for an extended periods of time. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the risk of dehydration when swimming.

First, you should drink plenty of water. Even a few ounces of water can make a big difference in how quickly you hydrate.

Sweating regulates body temperature. Moreover, it increases the blood flow near the surface of the skin, which acts like an air conditioner for the body. It’s also important to remember that you lose more water while swimming than you realize.

While it’s difficult to estimate how much water you lose during a workout, a person who sweats excessively¬† ny heating or feeling overheated underwater is more likely to experience dehydration.