Do swim fins burn more calories?

Swimming , just like any other sports burn calories if one is consistent. but when a swimmer  uses fins the results may differ.  Naturally when you use fins, your legs will be doing all the work, so your arms are kind of just going through the motions.

I don’t have an exact answer for you, but my guess would be it would be about the same. Maybe fins burn more calories minute for minute compared to no fins, but swimming with fins on for a long period of time can become very tiring if your leg muscles can’t keep up the constant powerful kick.

Fins help remove the resistance in swimming. Usually resistance is going to help a person tone and the fins cut through the resistance and makes the swimmer use other muscles on the body

. for a swimmer to lose more calories than without fins, one should increase their intensity and amount of time swimming.  swimming can definitely burn as much calories as if one were not using any fins to burn calories.

It all depends on how one trains and amount of time a swimmer spends time in the pool.