Is swimming with fins cheating

One popular argument is if using fins are considered cheating. To answer this, it all depends on what you are using fins for. In a normal race against other swimmers, It would certainly be cheating as you will have an unfair advantage over other swimmers.

However, If it is for Training usage, then it is no more cheating than using tools to attain muscle at any gym.

Also, swimming for leisure usage is certainly fine and has no stigma attached to it if it’s only for enjoying one’s self or swimming with others for fun.

Fins are cheating for swimming in the same way that higher gears are cheating for cycling. Sure, they make you go faster, but it costs more effort for that speed.

The fins force you to kick slower and give you more resistance for each kick, building the relevant muscles and allowing you to work on kick technique.

Using fins in an actual race is most definitely cheating. Using it in training for specific purposes is fine.

Although it may be cheating to use fins in a race between players, it is still beneficial for many seimmers for other general uses.